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Welcome to SIM GEAR AUSTRALIA's web store!


Due to an error in the Australia Post API USD, Pound and Euro have been turned off until developers and Australia Post can find the problem, the issue causes wrong amounts to be quoted for postage when converting into foreign currencies. As soon as developers can find the issue all currencies will be re-enabled. For now you will need to use a currency converter or google the amounts prior to purchasing, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

As we usually operate on a "made to order"basis, items may be showing "Add to Cart" and are actually in a "Pre-order" status, this does not mean "Out of Stock" as I try to make sure there are always parts in stock. To check the status go to the bottom of the product description panel and check the "availability" label.

If the AVAILABILITY label does not have a number next to it and is displaying "Pre-Order" you can still proceed to checkout and purchase. We always allow a 7 day turnaround time delay to assemble and ship the product. The demand for these devices does not give me the luxury of holding large stocks ready for sale.

If we do happen to be out of a part/s I will contact you and if desirable we can refund the amount paid less AU$50.00 which we will use as a PRE-ORDER holding deposit. If this is not acceptable please go to "contact us" at the bottom of the page or click here to be redirected to the "contact us" page.

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