3D PRINTING SERVICES


The mods shown in this category are 3D printed parts only with no electronics. To add electronics we will need to quote first so please send us a message first to get latest prices. The items shown in the 3D printed  is only a small representation of prints available for a full list go to thingiverse.com or similar 3D printing sites where models can be downloaded. 

We provide an affordable 3D printing service for the SIM RACING community for mods designed for Fanatec, Thrustmaster and Logitech products. Most of the models displayed under the categories below are available on thingiverse for download allowing you to then forward the print files to us for 3D printing.

We only print in PLA in black, white, orange or green (whatever is in the printer at time of order), if you require a certain version to match the manufacturer of the device the prints are to be fitted to please let me know in the checkout. 

We are not selling the designs displayed or provide 3D files unless indicated within the product descriptions so we are ONLY providing a 3D printing service for the mods. If you have a particular mod that is not listed within this site that you have sourced from other sites especially where you have purchased a mod from e.g. AMSTUDIOS we will need you to provide proof of purchase before we can print your design.

Please Note:

To repeat: we ONLY provide the 3D printing component of all mods and there are no electronics, bolts or springs etc included. Any products that require buttons, switches, rotary encoders etc for products like button boxes or wheel base face plates that include switches etc. we will include a base price in those particular product listings however, the price is dependent on the type of button, switch or rotary switches requested.

We do not back trade wrongly ordered 3D printed models so please choose carefully.


We can on request and review provide 3D printing for any designs of your own either in a detailed 2D drawing or a 3D .stl file. If the drawing you provide is true to scale or complete with full dimensions we can provide a 3D drawing and .stl file which will be forwarded once payment is "received in full" for the design process and does not  include the actual price for printing unless pre-arrangements have been made.

We will always provide a quote for this service and the price will depend on the complexity of the design. 


The models produced will be printed to the finest surface finish with consideration between quality, speed of printing and if the parts printed will be on show or mounted within the intended device. The final finish of the mods will be delivered by us in a raw state and it is up to the buyer to do any final finishing required, any support materials will be removed.

This is done to reduce the price of the printing if a buyer requests us to finish and/or paint the mods we will provide a quote first before posting any purchased mods. 


As a general rule of thumb the pricing is as follows (subject to variation dependant on size and quantity of prints).

Minimum Charge $25.00
per model starts from $5.00

CAD design is quoted per request.