*Gone are the days of totally stripping down yout T3PA-Pro pedals and cutting wires with the new Plug&play version*

Introducing the SGA Eco-System load cell kits for Thrustmaster pedal sets.

Download the install manual here.
last updated 05/02/20

The load cell kits have now evolved into a homogenous system, gone are the days of totally stripping down your T3PA-Pro pedals — with the new Plug&play version. No more cutting of cables simply mount and connect and your off winning better lap times.

The new load cell kits share a common control box where all pedal calibration is done while sitting in the drivers seat. Previously the pedal sensitivity was adjusted at the pedals which made it hard for console players to adjust unless they first set up the pedals with a laptop or PC.

The load cell kits are all plug and play other than the early pro pedals that did not come with the Thrustmaster pedal mod kits. Unfortunately, for those players they still need to pull their pedals apart but now do not have to cut any wires with the eco (early version) pro load cell kit.

All T3PA-Pro kits have a 50Kg load cell fitted where the T3PA (standard) pedals the highest we are willing to supply is a 30Kg load cell. On request we can supply the T3PA-Pro kit with a 30Kg load cell as well as the 20Kg load cell for the T3PA pedals.

If you do not have the Thrustmaster spring or conical rubber pedal mods they can be obtained directly from Thrustmaster support as they are not shown on the Thrustmaster website as a online purchase item.

Please contact us if you prefer the 30Kg version or you require the 20Kg T3PA pedals as we will make up a special order.