Max mix PC media switcher

This device allows you to switch between sound/audio devices on the fly with out closing the game/program you are currently using.
The maxmix controller has been designed to be easy and fun to build.
It uses a combination of 3D printed parts and off-the-shelf electronic components.
All parts can be easily found and ordered online!

This is a build it yourself project but however the pre-built version is not available anymore on the Maxmix website. So here is my version that I built myself, it is available as a pre order built on order basis. As it is a niche product parts are ordered from suppliers once the order has been made and will take 3-4 weeks before it is delivered.

If there is a demand for such a device then we will order in more to suit. There are a number of individual 3D printed parts in the build and very time consuming for the size of the box.

I would recommend you watch the Boosted Media review as it will give you a better understanding of what it can do. 
Here is the link to that youtube video.

Maxmix website.

Installation: (information taken of the maxmix website).

Installation of the software is very straight forward but we are providing step by step instructions just in case.

A computer running Windows 10.
An available USB 2.0 or greater port.
A maxmix device.
Desktop Application
It is recommended that you install the desktop application before you plug-in your device for the first time.

Download the latest version of the desktop application.
Double click on the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.
Plug-in your device now and wait for Windows to recognize it.
Launch the application either from the Windows start menu or the shortcut on your desktop.
The application should now be running and you should see the maxmix icon in the windows taskbar. You can double-click or right click on the icon to access the application.

Make sure the maxmix device is plugged in and the maxmix application is closed.

Launch the Firmware Installer from the shortcut on your desktop or in the Windows start menu.
Confirm that the COM port selected on the drop-down is the correct one.
Press install and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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