Return Policy

All warranty/non-warranty claims must be returned with all components in their original packaging (where practicable) and ensure that your unit is packaged safely to minimize physical damage in transit which may not be covered under any warranty.

Goods must be received and inspected by Sim Gear Australia before a decision is made to replace or return the goods if no fault is found with the product(s). Freight/postage for goods returned to us to be paid by sender. Units returned without fault may incur a minimum $55 service fee.

Due to the nature of most items purchased from us are installed by the buyer and we not having any control in the installation we offer No refunds, if any item was dead-on-arrival (DOA) we will replace the same item free of any charges but we need the item returned for inspection at the cost of the buyer.

We do not accept liability for goods which became defective due to environmental dust, weather, power surges, poor installation techniques or other external influences including goods lost or damaged in transportation. This includes the condition of the equipment our devices are installed on.

We recommend optional insurance be taken out on items being posted.

If you are having problems with flickering brake operation.
1.  Wheelbase Power supply in good condition.
2.  Poor connections
3.  With our ELC model load cell is the Thrustmaster large spring correctly and squarely installed.
4.  Lead dress - do you have other cables running with the load cell kit cabling.
5.  Is it the game causing the problem?