STD-PP-5 T3PA 50Kg Load Cell Kit

Upgrade your Load Cell Kit to your T3PA pedals replacing the old potentiometer style brake with this 50Kg load cell mod. Plug and Play version
Please note the design is constantly evolving so the photos are explanation only. 


 USB Saver —Plugs into the wheel base.
 Adds much more pressure to a set of pedals that normally has a light brake.
 Better feeling pedal with better pedal modulation.
 Maintains cross compatibility—Xbox/PS4/PC.
 Easy to Install.
 Shorter pedal throw.
 LOAD CELL strength 50Kg.
 Adjustable sensitivity at the wheel base.
 Lower lap times making you faster.
 Race car hard pressure pedal feel
 Suitable for the T-GT all metal pedal set.
 Works with Leo Bodnar USB adaptor.

Watch a review of the ELC-5 version T3PA-Pro Load Cell Kit, by Shaun Cole of "The Simpit".

The 50Kg load cell is only recommended for the T-GT pedal set as the product manual by Thrustmaster states that the T-GT pedals are rated at 80Kg. In an email from Thrustmaster support the standard T3PA pedals are rated at 25Kg, quote "With the conical brake module installed the brake pedal can withstand to a pressure of up to 25kg.” With that in mind we recommend the 20Kg Version, we have sold many 50Kg versions to customers owning T3PA pedals with no reports of breakage.
So buyer beware and purchase at your own risk.

Link to 20Kg Version:

The load cell is mounted to a steel rail, and has a built in Thrustmaster RJ12 socket where the cable from the pedals is inserted, also housed in the load cell base is the associated electronics with a fixed cable that extends to the wheel base via a small box that houses the sensitivity adjustment knob just behind the wheel base.

The electronics in the load cell base converts the tiny changes in the load cell into a 0—3V variable signal that the wheelbase can understand. The control box also has a cable to plug into the wheelbase and a cable to plug into the load cell.

It is simple to install, all you do is mount the load cell kit to the existing “Thrustmaster conical brake mod” bracket. Plug in the existing cable into the control box and take the provided cable with the control box and plug it into your wheelbase.

THAT’S it YOUR DONE!! Easy !!!

Download the install manual here.
last updated 12/05/2021

          BRAKE MOD
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: STD-PP-5
  • Manufacturer:BF Electronics

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