Universal Pedal Vibration kit (for PC only)

This kit comes in either 2 motor or 3 motor configurations, comes complete ready to go. All you need to do is mount the motors to your pedals and plug into your PC and install free software (downloaded from internet).
These kits are designed (via Simhub Software) to simulate the road vibrations and braking effects through your pedals. The kit requires you to download Simhub from here, and mount the vibration motors to your pedals. As this kit is a universal kit to enable you to use on any brand pedals the motor mounts only have a mounting hole in it's base to mount to your pedals.

The base kit comprises of the following;
  1.  2 x PS4 controller motors with universal mounts - with 1 meter cables.
  2.  1 x USB controller, motor driver and USB cable - in 3D printed housing.
Link to Simhub basic install guide.  (to come soon)
  • Model: SIMVIBE
  • Manufacturer: BF Electronics

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